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In the Bag [03 May 2008|11:52am]

You find a closed black briefcase on the street. There's nobody else around, and when you open it to find out the owner's name, a bundle of cash spills out -- and no ID. The money is almost certain to become yours.

What is your reaction?

1. "Hey, this must be my lucky day!"
2. "Oh no, what am I going to do now?"
3. "I'd better take a night to think this over."
4. "God must have wanted me to have this."

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[24 Apr 2008|10:10am]

Poll #1176211 In the Pages of a Magazine

You've just bought a copy of a popular weekly magazine and taken it home to read. How do you go through the features inside?

1. Read the whole magazine in order from first page to last.
2. Jump straight to the articles that you know will interest you and read only them.
3. Flip randomly through the pages and read anything that seems worthwhile.
4. As long as the format hasn't changed, you'd read the features in the same order you always do.

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Hung out to dry [01 Jan 2008|07:56pm]

It may seem a little old-fashioned now, but it wasn’t that long ago that hanging your clothes out on a line was the only way to get them dry. Now we’re blessed with automatic dryers and wash-and-wear shirts, but it used to be you had to keep an eye on the weather when you were doing your laundry or face spending a day walking around in damp jeans.

You are back in the era when everything was washed by hand and hung out to dry. The dirty clothes have started to pile up, and you really need to do the laundry today. But when you look at the sky, you see dark clouds threatening rain.

What goes through your mind?

1. “Oh no, you’ve got to be kidding! You mean I’ve got to wait till tomorrow? What am I going to wear?”
2. “Let’s wait for a little while and see if the weather clears up.”
3. “Well, I guess I won’t have to do laundry today after all.”
4. “I’m going to do this damn laundry whether it rains or not.”

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[26 Jul 2007|11:54am]

"I can't believe it! How could I do something so stupid!" We have all too many chances to say those words. Burned toast, coffee stains on paperwork, sleeping through the alarm, stubbed toes, missed exits - it's human nature to goof up once in awhile. Nobody's perfect, and each of us proves that every day. Keep that in mind the next time you're tempted to laugh at other people's careless mistakes. After all, you never know when it'll be your turn to wear mismatched socks to work.

Poll #1027660 You're only Human

You're walking down the street, thinking of other things when you stumble into a garbage can on the sidewalk and knock it over. What comes spilling out from under the lid?

1. Nothing comes out - the can was empty.
2. A pile of loose trash spills out onto the street.
3. Apple cores, chicken bones, and other raw garbage.
4. A well-tied black plastic garbage bag.

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Who's Got the Button? [05 Jul 2007|08:12pm]

Poll #1015917 Kokology Quiz

How do you make your choices when shopping for clothes? Are you lured by certain colors or patterns? Do some brands have the power to make you reach for your credit card? Or are you an inveterate bargain hunter who can't resist the chance to save 40 percent, even if it's something you don't really want or need? Think of the clothes that are already in your closet. You may see patterns other than paisley, tartan, and flower print begin to emerge. Specifically, think of your favorite blouse or shirt. Now visualize the number of buttons on the front. How many buttons are there, and how do you keep them buttoned when you have the shirt on? (Choose the nearest answer from the choice below.)

1. It has more than five buttons down the front, and I button them all.
2. There are two or three buttons on the front, and I button them all.
3. There is a row of buttons on the shirt, and I leave one or two at the top unbuttoned.
4. There are no buttons on the shirt.

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Kokology quiz - The Ride of Your Life - Do this; it's awesome! [18 Jan 2007|12:12pm]


Even for people with normally happy lives, there come times when the everyday seems just a little boring and, well, everyday. Although it’s certainly nice to be able to know that tomorrow will be a good day, too much predictability can leave you uninspired. But we know a way to escape that daily routine, if only for a short while. The answer lies in seeking out stimulation and the occasional thrill. This is the secret to being able to appreciate the vale of even our everyday lives.

How do we bring thrills into our lives? Watching movies, traveling, and playing sports and games of chance. Or maybe a trip to an amusement park, a world where thrills mingle with fantasies. Let’s take a trip back to that realm of childhood excitement and fun.

1. You enter the park gate, the roller coaster looms before you with a line of people waiting their turn. How long do you have to wait in line before getting to ride?

2. Your turn finally comes and now you’re racing and plunging around the course. What kinds of feelings does the speed bring out in you?

3. At the most exciting point in the course, the roller coaster dives into a pool of water and you’re drenched by the spray. What do you shout or scream at this instant?

4. Next you decide to try the merry-go-round. But during your ride, for some reason the horse you’re riding breaks down and stops moving. What do you say to the horse?

5. Your ride on the roller coaster was exciting, but it wasn’t all that it could have been. If you were going to design the perfect roller coaster, what would the course look like?

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Kokology Quiz - Have fun :) [06 Jan 2007|09:05pm]

A Desert Journey

Waiting can be a special form of torture, worse than any momentary pain. The combination of frustration and boredom can send even the bravest heart into a state of panic. Our first journey will bring us face to face with the infinite.
Take a moment to prepare yourself, and eternal desert...

1. You are riding a camel across the vast and empty expanse of a seemingly endless dessert. You have ridden until you are near exhaustion. What words would you say to the camel that has carried you all the way?

2. Just at the point you thought you’d die of thirst, a beautiful oasis appears. But someone has arrived before you. Who is this other traveller? (Use the name of a person you know.)

3. Time passes slowly in the desert, and it feels like an eternity before the lights of a town appear on the horizon. You have finally reached your destination. What are your feelings as you come to your journey’s end?

4. The time has come to part with the camel you have ridden for so long. Just as you dismount, a new rider climbs into the saddle to take your place. Who is the new rider? (Name another person in your life.)

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[22 Apr 2005|12:18pm]

Imagine a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight. Just thinking about it should give your spirits a little lift. Now turn your mind's eye down to survey the landscape. Which of the following scenes feels most calming and relaxing to you?

1. A white snowy plain.

2. A blue seascape.

3. A green mountain.

4. A field of yellow flowers.

Note: I will post the interpretations later on, so that you don't manipulate your answers :)

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Hey! Just Joined! [05 Aug 2004|03:25pm]

I can't believe there was actually a community for this! Anyway, I'm always looking for new friends, so add me if you want to, and I'll add you back!

All right, easy test:

When you go out the door and onto the new day, how do you walk out usually:

1. Quickly without looking back.

2. Stride moderately, but forget a few things and go back.

3. Forget things several times, and end up coming back each time.

4. Stay home and decide not to go out for the day

All right, I'll put the results in a comment.
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free-falling. [17 Apr 2004|07:59pm]

hey ! Im alisha. Im gonna be posting :)

1. You have decided to try skydiving &are getting ready to make your first jump. You watch other skydivers free-falling through the air as you stand on the ground waiting your turn. What is going through your mind?

2. Your turn arrives, &you ready yourself as the plane climbs to 10,000 feet. Without looking back, you stand at the open doorway &step out into space. What do you scream on your way down?

3. You've landed safely &are hauling in your chute when you see an instructor approaching &calling out to you. What is the instructor saying?
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[17 Apr 2004|03:34pm]

added abraxa to the modlist as i personally don't have the time and/or book in possession long enough to post this all myself. anyway who wants to help out and post a puzzle, well. you know the formula, go for it. sorry for the long absence...

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Wave After Wave [03 Feb 2004|07:47pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Perhaps it’s because we instinctively trace the roots of life back to the oceans, perhaps it’s something hardwired deep within our brains; whatever the reason may be, the sea holds a special power over us. The tang of the salt air, the fine spray of the surf, the soft crashing of the waves-the net effect is to stimulate and soothe. Sometimes a stroll along a sandy beach can transport you much further from your everyday reality than the actual distance you walk. That may be why the sea holds a special place in lovers’ hearts. It provides them with the chance to journey together, if only for a brief time, into another world.

1.) You are walking along a quiet beach. As you wander the dunes, you spot a surfboard washed up on the sand. Describe the surf-board and the impression it makes on you.

2.) You climb onto the board and paddle out to try your luck on the waves. How are the conditions for surfing today?

3.) You have managed to get to your feet and are experiencing the thrill of actually riding the wave, when suddenly you wipe out and tumble headfirst into the water. What do you think, feel, or try to scream as you struggle to find your way back to the surface.

4.) You finally emerge from the water unscathed, and looking back toward the beach, you see that a person you know has been watching you. Who is that person?

Respond first, check the comments for the key later.

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quickie, new one tomorrow bright&early [02 Feb 2004|11:16pm]

Imagine three women, each of whom is fond of the color red and uses it to accentuate her appearance. The first of these women has her nails painted red, the second wears red lipstick, and the third has her hair colored the same shade.

Now imagine their personalities and describe in detail. Ready? Go!
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A True Adventure [26 Jan 2004|12:40pm]

Have you ever had a true adventure, the kind you read about in novels or watch on the silver screen? An action packed series of full cliff-hanging scrapes and brushes with destiny, and of course a touch of romance to keep interest levels high? Wouldn’t you like to?

1. You are a warrior in an ancient kingdom and have been chosen to accompany the most famous hero in the land on a mission to recover a stolen treasure. What does the hero say to you as you prepare to embark on your quest?

2. Before you set off, the king summons you and gives you a a sword to see through your adventure. What kind of sword is it? Describe it in detail…

3. Your travels take you over high mountains and through dense old forests, and you encounter many obstacles and crises along the way. Now you have finally arrived at the mouth of the cave where the stolen treasure lies within. How many enemies have you met thus far in the course of your adventure?

4. You enter the cavern and finally discover the treasure you have been seeking. At that moment, what expression crosses the face of the great hero you accompanied on this quest? Describe the expression in detail.

You know the drill… reply with your elaborated answer, then check the comments for the key. No cheating yourself; even I write my answer out first and have it ready, unchanged, for the post. ;)
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Sweet Memories [25 Jan 2004|03:32pm]

[ mood | curious ]

What is it about the reminiscences of childhood that stir the heart so deeply and make us long to turn back the clock? Is it that sense of returning to innocence or just the pleasure of feeling young again? Those were the days when every toy, doll, and game was a special kind of treasure. The collector’s mania for antiques and memorabilia has its roots in these childhood fascinations and the desire to relive the past, if only for a short while.
This encounter will take us back to that simpler time, to a little candy shop down the street, Perhaps you’ll find your younger self among the goods in stock.

1. Inside the candy store, you find rows and rows of the old familiar candies, chocolate bars, chewing gums, and sweets from your youth. Some are stacked in organized shelves, some are loose in baskets and jars. What candy do you pick first, and why did you choose it? (Give the full reason behind your choice.)

2. While you’re wandering the store making selections, you notice that outside a group of children look as though they’re getting ready to enter the store. How many children actually come in?

3. You make your purchases and go home with a bag of candy. But when you open the bag, you see that the shopkeeper has added some extra free candy as a special treat for you. How many extras did you get?

4. You’ve been thinking about giving the candy you bought as a gift to someone. To whom, if anyone, would you give it?

reply w/your answer, and then check the comments for the key...

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